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About Dream To Live Outreach

A Personal Message from the Founder:

Dear Dream To Live Friends,

"As I was viewing the program, they were asking for sponsors to help feed the poor children. I remember making that phone call as if it was yesterday. I dialed the numbers displayed on the screen using the mustard-colored rotary dial phone asking to sponsor a child. The operator responded by asking me if my mommy was home. I didn’t realize that I was only about 12 at that time. It was about 20 years later when I came to the realization that my passion in life was to help people. It became an affirmation and a dream.

 I say to those who have a dream, do not let anyone or anything get in the way of fulfilling your dream. It is your God-given right.

 Sharing your dream with the world means sharing your gifts with the world! 

I understand that social barriers can get in the way of achieving your dreams. Dream to Live Outreach was founded to help remove those social barriers. I understand poverty is a big problem and very difficult to shake. However, you can overcome poverty with determination, perseverance and help from the community. You must become an unstoppable force. It’s ok to ask for help. If you dream it, you must believe it to achieve it! I wish you well in your future endeavors!"

​With Hope,

Dream to Believe to Achieve!
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Christie Peters, MSW
Dream To Live Outreach
Founder and President